Eureka! You Have Found the Prevent Cancer Now Clue! Congrats!

Diana Daghofer
By Diana Daghofer
December 20th, 2008

Prevent Cancer Now would like to thank the Rossland Telegraph for its support of the Cancer Prevention Challenge, as the event’s media sponsor.

Not only is the Telegraph supporting this important fundraiser, but the entire premise and philosophy of the online newspaper meets the vision of Prevent Cancer Now, for ‘a world where the preventable causes of cancer have been eliminated.” How? By reducing the use of paper, ink, solvents and other chemicals used in the printing process, and eliminating the need for delivery vehicles that use fossil fuels, to deliver the paper to your door. Instead, it is available at the click of a mouse.

Participants in the Cancer Prevention Challenge, your skill-testing question for the Rossland Telegraph is:

“What carcinogenic materials do we avoid using when an online newspaper is produced, as opposed to a paper-and-ink one?”

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