Public Hearing called on 88 Creekside Rezoning

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
October 16th, 2008

Following up on last week’s story about the city’s plan to rezone a parcel of land involved with the 88 Creekside development, the issue will now go to a public hearing before being decided upon by the city.

On Tuesday council voted unanimously to set the date of the public hearing regarding the zoning change for October 27th at the Miner’s Hall.

The piece of land in question is a small parcel which abuts the Blue Eyes Swamp. The current zoning of OS-1 (Open Space) has gone through first and second readings at council to amend the zoning to R-5 (Resort Residential) and impose a 15 metre no build zone around the water feature.

To learn more about the issue check out last week’s article, “Watershed Under Threat Again?”

Note: If you have an opinion on this issue, this is your chance to get it off your chest: take advantage of the Telegraph’s comment feature and let your views be known.

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