• Access to our four online newspapers and 20 000 regular readers in the region. Demographically, our readers are well-educated and travel a lot compared with readers of freebie print newspapers, who are generally older and have lower incomes. Each month we provide our advertisers with a google analytics document that shows just who saw your ad and where they were from.
  • Our online newspapers offer a vehicle where our readers will see your interactive ad on a regular basis. In other words, when they’re thinking about flying, your booking page will only be one click away. Our readers can book their flight while reading the news. PCA has a great website, but the trick is driving traffic toward it. This is where we feel we can be helpful.
  • Lone Sheep Publishing is an independent company and proud to be so. Our readers respond well to this fact and this sort of brand loyalty carries over well to our roster of independently-owned advertisers. Small businesses go over really well in this region.
  • We have a reputation for quality in both content and design and feel that this reputation would align well with the image PCA presents.

We feel that Pacific Coastal offers three main benefits that are of considerable importance to our readers:

1. PRICE: PCA’s fares are more than competitive with those of the only local alernative, Air Canada. There’s a lot of dislike of Air Canada in our area but not as much awareness that there is a very attractive choice available close at hand.

“Tired of paying again and again when you fly? Pacific Coastal offers lower fares, free parking, no airport fees.”

2. INDEPENDENCE: People in the West Kootenay are very independent-minded and naturally-inclined to support the little guy.

“Tired of being taken for granted? Pacific Coastal is an independent business and knows what you mean.”

3. SUCCESS RATE:The airport in Castlegar, of course, is known as ‘Cancel-gar’ and the cause of a LOT of local frustration. Our understanding is that the success rate in Trail is roughly 25% higher than in the regional airport. It’s a point well worth promoting, especially with winter coming on.

“Frustrated by cancelled flights? Pacific Coastal’s success rate is 25% higher than Air Canada’s in the West Kootenay”

Thanks for taking the time to listen to what we have to offer!

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