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by The Narwhal on Monday Aug 31 2020

By Matt Simmons, for The Narwhal

Analysis shows temporarily stopping fishing would lead to gains of up to 10 times above the status quo after 30 years

At least a quarter of major fish stocks in Canada are in decline, but efforts to rebuild them  — such as closing fisheries or setting catch limits —...

by Province of British Columbia on Monday Aug 31 2020

Despite strong fiscal results in the first three quarters of 2019-20, unforeseen changes in the fourth quarter due to COVID-19, including declines in tax revenues, ICBC losses and early measures to tackle the pandemic, affected the Province’s 2019-20 financial results.

“While the first three quarters of 2019-20 reflected a modest surplus and steady economic growth, COVID-19 led to lower...

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Aug 25 2020

Almost every product and material we refer to as “plastic” is made from fossil fuels. Most of it hasn’t been around for long — a little over 70 years for the most common products. North American grocery stores didn’t start offering plastic bags until the late 1970s...

by Rossland Telegraph on Tuesday Aug 25 2020

Miche and Dan Warwick of Happy Hills Farm have just become a bit happier, thanks to a $5,000 grant from the FedEx #SupportSmall grant initiative.  The program has awarded $5,000 to each of 30 small businesses across Canada that have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in a wide...

by Contributor on Thursday Aug 20 2020

The City of Rossland has received a copy of the response to the request for a referendum on the proposed affordable housing/city hall project in development for the old EMCON lot on 3rd Ave.

The request, along with the petition, was sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing by a Facebook group called the Rossland Taxpayers Federation.

According to the letter from the...

by The Narwhal on Wednesday Aug 19 2020

By Stephanie Wood, for The Narwhal

Even a low-ball prediction for the number of sockeye returning to B.C. river was too high and First Nations and conservationists say government mismanagement and lice infestations are partly to blame

Scientists at the Pacific Salmon Commission knew 2020 wouldn’t be a great year...

by Dick Cannings MP on Tuesday Aug 18 2020

Bill Morneau resigned as Minister of Finance on Monday.  I enjoyed my interactions with the former minister—he was approachable and often crossed the aisle to chat with me when I had a question or comment on financial issues affecting my constituents.  Rumour has it that he was at odds with the rest of the cabinet when it came to the overall course of pandemic recovery, with...

by The Conversation on Wednesday Aug 12 2020

By Dan Guadagnolo for The Conversation

As the Canadian economy slowly recovers from COVID-19 lockdowns, ...

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Aug 12 2020

Many people are calling for a just, green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in natural solutions to climate change, restoring damaged and fragmented ecosystems, strengthening the social safety net and rethinking flawed economic systems would make us more resilient to current and future crises. 

One concept that could help us shift to ecologically sound economic...

by The Narwhal on Tuesday Aug 11 2020

Proposed legislation would end B.C.’s mandate to be electricity 'self-sufficient,' and the Greens say that’s bad news for small-scale renewable energy producers, including First Nations 

By ZoëYunker, for The Narwhal

The BC NDP came to power promising to launch major jobs initiatives in...


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