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Katrine Conroy
By Katrine Conroy
February 23rd, 2024

This week, I returned to the legislature for a new session of presenting, debating, and passing legislation alongside my colleagues. In our first week, we presented our Throne Speech and 2024 Budget, sharing some of the priorities of our government for the year ahead.

We know that people are facing challenges, like global inflation and high interest rates. Some people say government should cut back, reduce services, and give more breaks to those who are already well off.

But we know we’re at our best when we take care of each other and don’t let people get left behind. That’s why we’re going to continue supporting our public healthcare system, creating more homes for people, making our communities safer, building resilience in case of climate emergencies, and helping more people and small businesses with costs.

And our plan has already been working – in the past year we added over 700 new family doctors under our new payment model, we’ve seen a 30% increase in registered rental homes, a significant decrease in stranger and random attacks in cities, and hundreds of thousands of people receiving help with cost of living measures, like free prescription contraception and reduced childcare costs. This is just the start.

In 2024, we’re continuing to invest in people and the infrastructure and services we rely on. We’re increasing the BC Family Benefit, helping more than 340,000 families every month, and for families wanting to grow, we’re helping people access a free cycle of in-vitro fertilization, beginning next year. We’re also helping people and businesses with their electricity bills, and providing record capital funding to support new needed infrastructure like schools, healthcare facilities, and housing. And we’re bringing in a house flipping tax, so those who are bringing up housing prices will have to pay their fair share.

These are only some of the investments we’re making for B.C. and in communities throughout B.C. There’s more work to do, and me and my colleagues are ready to do it. You can read more at BCBudget.gov.bc.ca

Fewer emissions, cleaner future with updated rules for industry
Climate change continues to hit British Columbians close to home – and it’s costing families and businesses both money and opportunities. We think there is a better way to move forward, one that reduces climate pollution by providing both incentives. B.C.’s updated carbon pricing system for large industry will give companies incentives to lower pollution and create better, cleaner jobs for British Columbians.

Improved transparency will fight money laundering
Money laundering fuels the toxic-drug crisis and gang violence on our streets and takes away housing from hard-working people who play by the rules – and we’re fighting back. Through the registry, we’re shining a light on hidden property ownership and money laundering in the housing market. We’re collaborating with the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) to improve transparency by allowing search of LOTR records at no cost as of April 1, 2024.

BC Builds will deliver thousands more homes with Canada contribution
All levels of government need to work together to solve the housing crisis. With the federal government’s contribution and partnership toward BC Builds, we can help build more homes people can actually afford. BC Builds will benefit from $2 billion in additional financing from the Government of Canada to help deliver thousands more homes.

B.C. seeks public input on proposed hunting regulation updates
Every two years the province reviews regulations and proposes changes, as necessary. As many as 50 proposed regulation amendments are under consideration for 2024, covering a range of topics, such as adjustments to seasons and motor-vehicle restrictions. All people in B.C. are invited to provide input on proposed changes to hunting regulations through public engagement sessions until March 22, 2024.

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