Columbia and Calvary Cemetery Restoration

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November 14th, 2023

The Rossland Heritage Commission is pleased to report that they obtained a grant of $5,780 from Heritage B.C. Legacy Fund, to continue the restoration of the Columbia Cemetery. Nestled in Happy Valley, just above Trail’s Mountain View cemetery, the Columbia Cemetery dates back to 1899 with over 1000 Rosslanders buried here.

The Columbia Cemetery restoration included a call out to the community for volunteers.  On June 15th, a small but mighty crew worked diligently to clear dirt and ingrown grass from the cribbing around the gravesites. The work completed by these volunteers enabled our skilled mason, David St. Denis, to more efficiently restore the stonework.  In junction with Owen Williams of Powder Pig Excavating Services, they were able to straighten and stabilize several monuments.  In addition, the funding from Heritage B.C. supported the commencement of restoration at the Calvary Cemetery which is located at the south end of Esling Drive and is the final resting place for members of the Sacred Heart Parish since 1896.  The plan is to continue the restoration of the Calvary Cemetery over the next few years.

Monument requiring straightening and stabilization:

Monument after repair work completed:

To learn more about the Columbia and Calvary Cemeteries, view the Heritage Commission website: www.heritagerossland.com . You can also read all about them in the Cemeteries of Rossland publication available for purchase at the Gold Rush Bookstore, Crockett Books and Kootenay Gateway.  Any questions can be sent to info@heritagerossland.com

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