Seven Summits students help with Rossland's Lions campground

November 1st, 2023

On Tuesday October 24, these students and and two educators from the Seven Summits Centre for Learning, assisted our Rossland Golden City Lions in putting our campground’s collection of picnic tables into storage for the winter.

From viewer’s left to right:  Veiga Strachan,  Finlay Smith,  Daniel Kuin,  Loic Fritsch,  Emerick DesLauriers,  Lola Rivera,  Emeri Harder,  Ainsley Ellis,  Rowyn Boutin,  Ava Echle, J asmine Tanguay, and Tanis Shippy.

The Golden City Lions appreciated the help and enjoyed the enthusiasm shown by the group, while completing a task that would have taken our aging Lions the entire day. Also, every Spring, a Seven Summits group helps prepare the grounds for the new camping season. Don Vinsh, of the Lions, expressed his hope that some of these community-minded people will become Lions in the future.

Submitted by the Golden City Lions

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