Rossland Receiving 1.3 Million Grant

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
July 22nd, 2023

One million, three hundred thousand dollars – that’s 1.3 million – will help Rossland with our ongoing program of infrastructure upgrades, replacing ancient pipes that deliver water from our treatment plant and send sewage down the hill to a very different treatment plant.

This particular grant will go toward the work being done to upgrade infrastructure on Second Avenue.

On a gloriously sunny and rather hot Friday morning, MLA Katrine Conroy announced the funding, with Mayor Andy Morel and Councillors Lisa Kwiatkowski (who acted as MC), Maya Provençal and Stewart Spooner.  Members of Rossland City Staff attended the ceremony by the Rossland Skate Park, including the Chief Financial Officer, Mike Kennedy, and several members of the public.  In the background, a small child zipped around the skatepark on a tiny bicycle.

“The City of Rossland is a gem in the West Kootenays and residents have been asking for improvements,” said MLA Conroy. “These necessary infrastructure improvements will ensure residents of Rossland can access essential services, while also maintaining service standards in a growing community.

“We are providing $1.3 million to upgrade aging water and sewer systems and improve the roadway and pedestrian facilities on Second Avenue in the City of Rossland.

“The project will include work to:

  • Expand the watermain and storm drainage networks,
  • Replace the deteriorating sewer main,
  • Expand the fibre optic network,
  • Install pedestrian facilities and electric vehicle charging stations,
  • Improve the roadway and pedestrian lighting.

“Improving transportation systems and water distribution systems is an important way to ensure the health, vibrancy and vitality of our communities.

“We’re taking a cross-government approach with local governments to invest in infrastructure that will benefit British Columbians today and for the long term. “


Mayor Morel commented, “This route is in an area that has seen considerable development in recent years and this funding will ensure the community has access to services, while ensuring safe connection for an active transportation corridor. We would like to MLA Conroy and the Province for their continued support.”

This project is part of a $450-million provincial investment in crucial community infrastructure to support clean drinking water and treatment of wastewater and solid waste, as well as greenhouse gas reduction, through public infrastructure projects in communities province wide.

This investment is in addition to the $1-billion Growing Communities Fund, which was provided to all 188 B.C. municipalities and regional districts to support their unique infrastructure and amenities needs.


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