Seven Summits Senior Spotlight: Kaydance Nowak

Seven Summits Centre for Learning
By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
February 14th, 2023

The ability to imagine, dream and have a vision for becoming one’s best self takes a belief in the possibility that the answers are all around.

Kaydance Nowak, a senior student at Seven Summits Centre for Learning, shares this vision through her inclusive and accepting approach.

“I like to make others feel at ease and reduce conflict wherever possible. Being a young person in this world means we

have plentiful opportunities to help others. Therefore, actively listening and paying attention to one another is critical,” says Nowak.

Her favourite interests include art, science, forestry, and psychology. The common denominator throughout these interests is conflict and growth. “It is well proven that nature and nurture form who we are as individuals. Our biological makeup is responsible for our physical appearance and many personality traits; whereas nurture refers to the impacts our environment holds. Our experiences, how we are raised, and the relationships we build significantly impact who we are. For example, growing up in the mountains has influenced my vast appreciation for nature.”

Nowak’s interest in art stems from the evolution of the project versus the final product.

“Art such as painting begins by taking a blank canvas and adding colour and contrast to create a vision from your mind. However, like all art, the artist is forever changing, editing, and improving the piece.”

Nowak’s next interest is forestry. Forestry is an ever-evolving science that covers topics of human impact on nature and nature’s impact on humans. This applied science offers discoveries about living harmoniously with habitats and their inhabitants.

“Learning about forestry helps us to be better ambassadors for the environment by sharing the necessary stewardship responsibility with everyone,” says Nowak. “Recycling and looking at innovative ways to protect and heal the environment are booming industries ripe with possibilities.”

Finally, Nowak is also interested in counseling. She found a calling in validating others and acting as a youth counsellor. “I find it fascinating and rewarding to help others discuss their issues. I enjoy talking to friends and helping them through their thoughts towards better actions.”

Psychology is a dynamic field of endless discovery. The human mind and experience are seemingly personal and independent, yet they are not.

“Considering that we all have brains that should do the same thing, everybody’s mind is unique. One hundred people could be in the same room watching the same thing, though each one will remember a different part and have a unique perception about what they have seen,” says Nowak.

For Nowak, nature and nurture are not all that far apart. “I believe genetics and environmental elements are critical to making up who we are and how we behave—saying that, I also feel people can recognize and make changes to live more positive, happy lives. I wish to be the catalyst to helping others grow and heal, which in turn, will validate my personal development.”

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