DRAFT Recreation Master Plan now available -- input wanted

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
November 26th, 2022

Many Rosslanders have given their opinions on what our thriving small city needs to do to keep recreation a prominent, varied and attractive  part of our lives and our health.  The result – the DRAFT Recreation, Parks and Culture Master Plan –is now ready for Rosslanders to examine and provide responses.

As with almost all other aspects of our lives – our health care, education system, you name it – improving what we have, or even maintaining it to current levels, will be expensive. That’s one of the first take-aways from the draft plan.  The message is simple:  what we want, we pay for, if we want it enough. 

For those who have not yet weighed in on recreation in Rossland and what we collectively want to do about it, the draft plan provides an opportunity to respond, to influence the final report that will guide the City in developing and maintaining recreation facilities for years to come.

For instance, one decision that is becoming more urgent with each year is the fate of Rossland’s outdoor pool. And there is an entire cascade of other decisions to be made.  The draft plan lays them out clearly.

Find the draft plan at this link. Does it capture our wants and needs?  Is it realistic?  It’s up to Rossland residents to decide, to inform the final version of the plan – and to help decide what happens to that pool.


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