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Seven Summits Centre for Learning
By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
August 16th, 2022

Who is Seven Summits Centre for Learning? The Centre, administered by the Visions for Small Schools Society, provides an academic environment for learners to come together and work on the B.C. curriculum supported by B.C. certified educators. The distance learning program Navigate NIDES provides content area classes and electives supplemented by workshops in music, arts, physical education, environmental stewardship, and life skills programming. The Centre is located in the iconic red-roof church in downtown Rossland. Youth in Grades 8-12 participate in blended learning by combining award-winning online education with highly qualified teachers and responsive support. Beyond the goal of earning a B.C. Dogwood Certificate of Graduation, many alums have successfully attended prestigious post-secondary institutions supported by scholarships and bursaries.

What is the Scholar Award Offer? Seven Summits Centre for Learning invites three motivated, adventurous, community-minded, and academically inclined students to join their robust cohort. 7S is offering one full scholarship to pay the entire facility fee of $2,450 and two partial scholarships of $1,225. This offer is extended to any new students planning to enroll for the 2022-23 school year. New students entering Grades 8 – 12 at the start of the 2022-23 academic year are eligible to apply. This rigorous, merit-based process focuses on academic achievement expressed through students’ individual creativity. 7S invites three motivated, adventurous, community-minded, and academically inclined students to join their robust cohort.

Why make this offer to new students? Since this is the tenth anniversary of the Seven Summits Centre for Learning, the aim is to attract new students who may not have considered our Centre due to the financial obligation to pay the $2,450 annual facility fee. However, one of the Seven Summits Learning goals is to inspire future leaders through personal expression and excellence. Applying to become a 7S Scholar is the first step in what can become a lifelong educational journey.

Why attend a blended learning centre? Students participate in independent learning, but they are not alone in their journey. Students with low student-to-teacher ratios practice self-efficacy, personal advocacy, and educational responsibility in a structured learning environment. 7S students show up and accept challenges. They do not accept average. The 7S promise to their student cohort is “We are committed to supporting you 100% throughout your high school journey.”

The 7S vision is to become the leading educational experience in the Kootenays, and the Centre’s values include pillars of-

* Connected- A strong sense of belonging, cohort unity, inclusive culture,


* Innovative- Blended learning using online & in-class B.C. certified teachers

* Flexibility- Four-day week, self-paced curriculum, 9:15 a.m. start times, and

provisions for sports commitments and travel requirements

* Leadership- Trustworthy administration, leadership programming, student-led

initiatives and councils

Students choose Seven Summits Centre For Learning because they aspire to an educational experience beyond the traditional classroom. This may be due to many reasons, including having an IEP, being a high achiever, wanting a self-paced learning experience, or needing a flexible schedule for athletic endeavours. The unique and diverse population is an advantage for 7S students. Catering to this diversity requires specialized programming to unite students for a joint mission: “Creating Adventures in Learning.”

Interested to apply for the 7S Scholar Award? Just complete the 7S Scholar application form on the website sevensummitslearning.com then upload a creative answer to the question “Why would you be a good fit for 7S?” in a video, PowerPoint, essay, or other formats of personal expression. Interested parties can also email connect7sc@gmail.com for a direct link.

The deadline and key dates for Scholar Applications are open July 26, 2022, and closing on Aug. 23, 2022. Following the successful application, students will be asked to enroll and attend our orientation day at the Centre on Aug. 31, 2022.


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