Additional communal bear-resistant bin and location

City of Rossland
By City of Rossland
July 2nd, 2022

The City of Rossland will have an additional communal bear-proof garbage bin and an additional location. Peak bear activity season is fast approaching, Natural Control Alternatives Society (NCA) has partnered with the City of Rossland to enhance NCA’s current communal bear-proof public bin service in Rossland.


As of Monday, July 4, 2022, one of the existing bins will remain located at the Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre parking lot and two bins will be placed at the Rossland Arena parking lot. By placing two bins at the Rossland Arena parking lot, NCA will be able to adjust how often the bins are emptied based on usage and demand. It will also allow the City to better evaluate the service benefits, while preventing unnecessary, costly and potentially dangerous human-wildlife conflict.


The bins are bear-resistant with self-latching lids that only allow for the disposal of everyday household waste for residents that cannot keep their household waste inaccessible to wildlife or may miss a scheduled curbside collection date.


This pilot project’s longevity depends on how it is used. NCA Society volunteers and the City of Rossland ask that everyone do their part to protect the natural setting we live in. Any large items to be disposed of should be taken to the appropriate disposal location to ensure this project’s success. Find more information about disposing larger debris and waste at 250-368-9148 or visit www.rdkb.com.


Users are asked to continue to donate for using this service via the coin boxes attached to the bins or via e-transfer to NCASociety@gmail.com. Please note that since this service is provided by the NCA, curbside garbage stickers do not provide any monetary value to the program. The pilot project runs until late November to coincide with the active bear season.



Bin Locations:

Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre Parking Lot – 1100 Hwy 3B (Junction of Highways 3B & 22)

Rossland Arena Parking Lot – 1860 Second Avenue (please access from Second Avenue)


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