Lions Club and Seven Summits embark on spring clean up

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
May 2nd, 2022

Local organizations are working in lockstep to enhance the community through mutual support, according to Rossland Golden City Lions Society President Don Vinish.

“Every spring, the Rossland Golden City Lions Society organize a spring clean up,” Vinish said. “The average age of our members is 70 years old and we require assistance to get the campground in shape for our season. The Seven Summits Learning Centre and the Gold Fever Follies administration and friends, thankfully, have been helping with that chore. Our campground (our main income source) opens in time for the Victoria Day weekend.”

Vinish said the campground proceeds are always returned to the community or donated as aid in emergencies.

“All Lions Clubs donate 100 per cent of their net income to local individuals and non-profit organizations in need first and international crises,” he said. “We are only volunteers and our mandate is to serve our communities.”

He said attached photo was taken last June when the Lions donated to Seven Summits Learning.  

“A group of students assisted us during spring clean up and we showed our appreciation with a cheque to help cover some of the expenses that often exceed the funding.

“We are engaging with the administrative staff to provide the opportunity to their youth to participate in 

our campground Spring clean up.”

The City of Rossland is also starting its spring clean up on May 3 (Click here for coverage).

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