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By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
April 4th, 2022

“Learning is not a race for information; it’s a walk of discovery”-Anonymous.

Discovery learning is an educational model that engages students’ interest in learning an objective through the route of exploration. Students who use this model to reach a learning objective may attain a greater depth of understanding as they have worked to discover the answers.

Trained teachers who can motivate and educate students represent an honorary position in the workforce. After all, teaching is the one profession that educates all other professions. A Seven Summits Centre For Learning future graduate, Regan Miller, is pursuing her passion for becoming a certified teacher, and she is specifically interested in art studies.

“I love art because of the creative discovery process,” says Miller. “My sketchpad is never very far away. Art is a great way to express one’s self and find happiness in creative expression. I want to become an art teacher to share my passion for art with students who may not even know how good they are at the different art techniques. Discovering hidden talents with younger students who maybe thought they didn’t like art or couldn’t draw is very rewarding.”

Miller has a keen interest in art. Her parents, too, are equally interested in the art field. Her mother is an entrepreneur photographer, and her father has painted since he was a child. “I help out my mom at her photography studio. I love seeing how happy it makes her and how she uses art to frame moments. It is so natural for children to learn and be enthusiastic; I enjoy the energy and want to be a part of the process.” As a teacher, Miller seeks to positively impact students using her personality and expertise in the classroom to mould young, curious, impressionable minds about art and creativity.

As Miller puts it, “Teaching is more like a calling to a profession than a job. I know it will be hard work, but I have had some amazing role models that have shown me just how essential it is to have teachers that support students, listen, and respond to students’ needs, and I want to do that for students in my future.”

Miller says that some planned time off before heading into post-secondary schooling will give her time to reflect and make important educational decisions. “I figure that the world will always need teachers, and by learning the trade many opportunities will become available to me, possibly even in different parts of the world. There is so much to be excited about and figure out. I will take some time to ‘draw’ my conclusions.”

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