Social Responsibility Project: A Student Lead-Initiative

Seven Summits Centre for Learning
By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
December 1st, 2021

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

Every 30 seconds, another person becomes a victim of human trafficking. Although slavery was abolished 150 years ago, today there are more people in slavery than at any other time in history.

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of humans against their will for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labor, or modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is a world-wide problem: it exists anywhere there are vulnerable humans and criminals to profit off them as a commodity.

Pope Francis so accurately said, “Human Trafficking is crime against all humanity. We must unite our efforts to free victims and stop this crime that’s becoming ever more aggressive, that threatens not just individuals, but the foundational values of society.”

The problem is tragic and real, and human trafficking is a $150 billion dollar industry. As Canadians, we are not immune to the threat of this licentiousness. efined by law as “transporting of persons across borders together the recruitment, harbouring and/or exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of a person in order to exploit, typically through sexual exploitation or forced labour described as a modern form of slavery.” Between 2009 and 2018, there have been close to two thousand cases of human trafficking in Canada. This pressing public health concern transcends all races, social classes, demographics, and gender. The time for action is now. Programs like Dressember allow for everyone to take part in finding solutions through awareness.

The collective vision for Dressember is a world in that all people are free. Dressember is greater than just an awareness campaign. Participants join a global movement of over 32,000 advocates worldwide to provide essential support to human trafficking survivors around the globe. Students at Seven Summits Centre for Learning choose to take part in Dressember because they believe in the inherent dignity of all people. The proceeds from this campaign go to provide essential support to trafficking survivors around the world. Advocate with this student-led initiative by showing your support as we continue to educate ourselves and others about this injustice. Fashion is the way forward for this fundraiser. Daily in December, participants will wear dresses and/or ties to signify their support for victims. Funds are raised alongside this commitment, either through direct request or donation on the website.

Why get involved? Seven Summits Centre for Learning was founded by the community for the community. The Centre echoes the unique community of Rossland. Together, Rosslanders take pride in taking care of each other. Seven Summits Centre for Learning is, like Rossland itself, a small community with a big heart. Please advocate with Seven Summits students by showing support and helping educate others about the injustice of human trafficking. Join us to support Dressember for the month of December and use this challenge as a pledge to raise awareness and funds. A donation to Dressember supports prevention, intervention, and survivor empowerment programs. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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