COUNCIL MATTERS: Rossland City Council, May 3, 2021

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
May 4th, 2021

Mayor Moore apologizes;  the annual audit; Council deals with finances;  and – yoga in the park          

Present:  Mayor Kathy Moore and Councillors Terry Miller, Dirk Lewis, Stewart Spooner, Janice Nightingale, Andy Morel and Chris Bowman.  Staff who spoke included DCO Cynthia Anonuevo, Manager of Operations and Infrastructure Scott Lamont, and City Planner Stacey Lightbourne.

1.        Public Hearing:  To consider the bylaw removing short-term rental zoning from four properties

No one wanted to address the meeting.

        2.      Regular Council Meeting:

Mayor Moore made a statement about “concerns that have been circulating in the community” – she announced that she is in the US with her family, and apologized to Council and to all Rossland residents for having done this, as she says she realizes that it was a mistake.  She said she has been  only with her family, was immediately vaccinated and has now had both shots, and has been following all precautions to avoid exposure to the virus.

Public Input Period:  No one raised their electronic “hand”.


Presentation from Grant Thornton LLP, Municipal Auditors:  Ms. Kiersten Packham reported that the audit was “successfully completed” with no concerns registered.


Council adopted the Bylaw Notice Enforcement and Dispute Adjudication System Bylaw # 2749  by a unanimous vote.

Council gave third reading to  Zoning Amendment Bylaw # 2750 – Short Term Rental Zoning Removal, to remove the short-term rental zoning from the properties at 2414 LeRoi Avenue,  2236 /Columbia Avenue,  1488 Columbia Avenue, and 1492 Columbia Avenue,  by a unanimous vote.

Council adopted the  Five Year Financial Plan 2021‐2025 Bylaw # 2753, also by a unanimous vote.

Council then moved on to adopt the 2021 Municipal Tax Rate Bylaw # 2754, again by a unanimous vote.

Then, a motion to adopt the Ophir Reservoir Local Area Service Tax Rate 2021 Bylaw # 2755 CARRIED by a unanimous vote, and a further notion to adopt the Red Mountain Specified Area Tax Rate 2021 Bylaw # 2756 also CARRIED unanimously.

Council discussed Zoning Amendment Bylaw # 2759, to rezone 1926 Kirkup Avenue from R1 Residential to R1-I  Residential Infill, and a further motion set a Public Hearing on the matter for June 7, 2021; both motions CARRIED unanimously.

Staff Updates & Reports:

A motion to approve the City of Rossland’s 2020 Audited Financial Statements, as presented, CARRIED unanimously.

A  notion to approve the 2020 Supplementary Statements of Financial Information, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Financial Information Act, also CARRIED unanimously.

Council discussed a motion to grant a Development Variance Permit for 2601 Pinewood Drive, to reduce the rear setback and increase the allowed width of driveway, for a double garage and carport.  The property is surrounded on three sides by Pinewood, Maple, and Park, and the owner promises that the additional parking will take vehicle parking off the streets, and has granted the City a snow-storage Right-of-Way.  A neighbour had objected on the basis of sight-lines, but City Planner Stacey Lightbourne stated that the City’s sight-line requirements are met. Lewis and Spooner both felt that the variance was being sought to accommodate excessive “wants” rather than needs; and that some nieghbours are not comfortable with the . Bowman approved of the snow-storage relief and getting the vehicles off the road; Morel approved of getting vehicles off the road, but objected to the size of the proposed structure at that location. Nightingale felt that the building is not an unreasonable request.  Moore supported the application, but the motion to approve it FAILED.

Council discussed an application for Development Permit Amendment for Phase 4 Caldera, which seeks to add “Phase IV” to the Caldera Development Permit, in two sections of land – one to the west of Phase II, and the other larger area to the east of Phase III.   The motion to approve the application CARRIED.

2021 Active Transportation Planning Grant Application:

A  motion to endorse “the 2021 Active Transportation Planning grant application and program management to enhance the active transportation components of the City’s Official Community Plan through additional funding, research and consultation” CARRIED unanimously. 

Madhu City Park Use Request:  Council discussed a motion to approve the request from Madhu for use of City park facilities for scheduled outdoor yoga and movement classes through the spring, summer and fall of 2021;  the motion CARRIED unanimously.

Council examined the RCMP report comparing statistics on various offences during Q1 2020 and Q1 2021 in local communities, and statistics from 2019 and 2020.

Members Reports: 

Bowman:  Attended and reported on several meetings.  Museum is looking for board members – he describes it as a very rewarding experience.

Morel attended the AKBLG will have a report on RDKB meetings for the next Council meeting.

Moore attended the AKBLG virtually, and noted that the UBCM will be virtual.  She attended weekly Mayor’s Roundtable at IHA by Zoom, and reported that 35% of the eligible people in our region have been vaccinated.

Release of Declassified in-camera matters:   

Council announced their appointments of Greg Granstrom, Demitri Lesniewicz and Jackie Drysdale to the Design Review Panel, and their appointment of Michael Kennedy to the Sustainability Commission and the Economic Development Task Force.

The meeting adjourned, and your reporter yawned several times and wondered whether too much time spent in Zoom meetings can have a cumulative damaging effect on one’s ability to exercise good judgment and make sound decisions. 

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