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April 12th, 2021

To The Editor:

I’m sure that the residents who live on Washington St. are litterly shaking their head over this article. Speeding on Washington Street is just as bad as it ever has been. The narrower roadway has made no difference.

As Washington Street is a busy street, I can assure you that the police officer hasn’t even exited his car before everyone driving up and down Washington Street knows he is there.

Drivers flash their lights to warn other drivers of the speed trap (I hope this is not a surprise to anyone). Fortunately, now there is an App for that… It is called Speedcheck.

It basically uses a cell phone camera to measure the time it takes vehicle to travel across the field of view and from that information, it calculates the speed.  As you can see in the attached PDF, there are are four vehicles at or over 60 km/hr in a two-hour time period.

The app also takes a picture and I have attached one. Note that this data is from within the school zone.

If the City is truly interested in controlling vehicle speed on Washington Street and, particularly, in the school zone, then 4-way stop signs at the intersection of Washington Street and Jubilee Street would be a good start.

Yours truly,

Stuart Terhune, Rossland, BC

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