Rosslanders rally behind Arena Hockeyville 2021 Nomination

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
February 17th, 2021

The Rossland Arena Society said in a media release that supporters stepped up in a "huge" way this past weekend and rallied behind the rink’s Kraft Hockeyville 2021 nomination.

President of the Rossland Arena Society Ona Stanton said by 9 p.m. on Sunday February 14, deadline for entries, supporters submitted an amazing 611 heartwarming stories, photos and notes to the arena rally site and also doled out hundreds of emojis and a great many shares to Twitter.

“We are humbled by and grateful for the overwhelming support”, says Stanton.

“Thank you to everyone, near and far, who shared their stories, photos and memories through the Kraft Hockeyville Rossland Arena Rally page. We don’t know the result just yet but we know our hearts are full and our pride is high.” 

There are so many events that have happened inside the Rossland Arena, including the Relay for Life. — Submitted

Stanton said there are so many amazing memories within these arena walls.

“Rossland Arena Society can’t wait until we can gather in the ‘old barn’ again and celebrate the years of history and make some new memories,” Stanton said.

Kraft Hockeyville judges will now review all nominations from across the country and gather the total scores to select the finalists. The top four communities will be announced around March 20th and the top four communities will then go head-to-head in a round of voting on April 9-10 to determine the winner of Kraft Hockeyville 2021.

“We’re facing stiff competition from other super-spirited hockey communities across the country,” Stanton said.
“We can only hope that our passionate stories will tip the scales in our favour. Making it to the top four will be a huge achievement for the entire Greater Trail area.”

For more Rossland Arena memories, go to the Rossland page on the Kraft Hockeyville website to check out all the awesome stories and photos.

In 1998, the Rossland Arena played host to the West Kootenay Figure Skating Championships. — Submitted

About Rossland Arena Society

The Rossland Arena Society was formed in 2018 by a group of ice users and stakeholders. The purpose of the Society is to deliver community benefits by improving the viability of the Rossland Arena through advocacy, programming, increased usage, fundraising, and facility management as required.

The Rossland Arena Society is operated by an elected Board of Directors and with an active membership base, open to anyone interested in, or users of the Rossland Arena and can be followed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rosslandrink.

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