Fundraiser: Seeking '100 Rosslanders Who Care'

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November 18th, 2020

Fiona Martin is delighted to announce a new fundraising initiative for community projects in Rossland.

Martin is President of the Rotary Club of Rossland, and she explains,  “It is exciting for the Rotary Club to take on this fundraising project – it is something new in Rossland. It is based on the International ‘100 Who Care’ movement and an idea that a former Rossland Rotarian shared from his new club in Elliot Lake, Ontario.” 

How does it work? 100 Rosslanders Who Care each pledge $100 to fund a community project, without knowing yet what the project will be. At the same time, those who have community projects that need funding submit their project proposals to the Rotary Club of Rossland for consideration. At least five projects will be considered for funding, so the club is hoping for at least that many applications. Applications are due to the Rotary Club before December 31, 2020.

From there,  five short-listed organizations will be announced, and the five applicants will start preparing presentations advocating for their project.

On January 30, 2020, the 100 Rosslanders Who Care will “gather” remotely  and listen to the non-profit organizations put forward their best pitch for funding. The 100 Rosslanders Who Care will vote for their preferred project, and the winning project will receive $100 from each donor, resulting in a $10,000 donation.

Anyone with $100 to give can be a member of 100 Rosslanders Who Care, and any Non-Profit organization can apply for pre-qualification. The Rotary Club of Rossland is confident that there are at least 100 people out there who want to contribute, and know there are always great projects in need of funding. Martin points out, “This is a wonderful way to get involved, and to have a say in what the funds will accomplish.  I think this is an exciting and fun way to raise money for community projects that make a difference,” Martin said. “We are very excited to see what kind of projects come forward for consideration.”

Anyone who can support a community project with $100 to become one of the 100 Rosslanders Who Care, please email Fiona Martin at fiona@rosslandrotary.org  to request a donor form.

Any organization with a community project that needs funding, please email her at that address and ask for an “expression of interest” application form.

Rotary recognizes that many Rosslanders who care don’t have the funds to participate in this initiative, especially at this time,  and that many caring Rosslanders donate time and energy to the community in other ways – and the club honours and appreciates everyone who contributes to the community however they can.   

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