Comment: Black Jack's early bird rate, and snow anxiety

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
October 13th, 2020

(With files from Linda Allis, for Black Jack)

Having great times in the snow:

We’ve seen our first taste of snow in Rossland already, giving hope to everyone who loves the stuff and can hardly wait to get out in it this winter. As always, fingers are crossed for a great snow year.  For those who love cross-country skiing and are thinking ahead, Black Jack Cross-country Ski Club wants everyone to know about their 2020-21 Early Bird season pass – there are savings to be had on passes bought up until Hallowe’en; after that, they cost more.  (People 75 and over, children five and under, and people wanting dog-loop passes don’t need to rush, because those season passes cost the same, with no early bird savings.)  Those who want to take advantage of the Early Bird savings must  do that by October 31.

A bit more about Black Jack:  the club was founded in 1983 by a group of active cross country ski enthusiasts who had a vision and worked to make it a reality.  Strong support from our community and dedicated volunteers have provided cross country skiers with over 45 kilometres of groomed tracks for both classic and skate skiing, 2.5 kilometres of lighted night-skiing loop and a two-kilometre dog friendly loop.  Black Jack skiers enjoy trails with fabulous views and world-class grooming.

Cross country skiing is appropriate for all age groups and all skill levels and is a great way to stay active and fit during the winter months.  XC (cross country) skiing is known for building good health as it is a low-impact whole-body workout, including excellent cardiac benefits. It’s an activity that lends itself to sensible social distancing in these times of COVID contagion, too.

Black Jack continues to support cross country skiing — building new trails, maintaining established ones and working to keep skiers safe during this pandemic. The club supports Jack Rabbit children’s programs, the Skier (racing) Development program and is looking at developing a program for Masters.

Memberships are available online.  Skiers can register  for the 2020/21 season on the  http://www.skiblackjack.ca/ website. Please note that the Early Bird pricing will end October 31st and please note that there are also punch & day passes available.

And – having snow for those great times:

Concerned about whether it will be a decent snow year, or not?  All those crossed fingers we mentioned above may not do much good; instead of just crossing fingers, doing snow dances, praying and performing magic rituals, skiers could find it more effective (though harder)  to do everything possible to encourage those in power to effectively curb climate change – that’s what most threatens our supply of good snow in any given winter, and the threat increases with each passing season.

Voting?  Better vote for effective and ambitious climate change policies.

Skier and mountaineer Greg Hill, along others,  came to understand this, and now supports “Protect Our Winters” (“POW”), a not-for-profit organization aimed at lobbying governments for effective climate change action, and encouraging athletes and outdoor adventurers to shrink their carbon footprints.  Hill is the subject of a very readable CBC article from a little under  a year ago, which may help readers understand why – and how — he changed his approach to enjoying his sports.

After all, keeping skiing possible is worth something, isn’t it?  Not to mention keeping the earth livable into the future, for our children and grandchildren. Giving thanks for the bounty we enjoy won’t help them unless we also protect everything that makes it possible. 

Above: Photo by Linda Allis

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