Interest in Rossland's innovative educator rising

Seven Summits Centre for Learning
By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
May 11th, 2020

As online schooling becomes the new norm and students learn to navigate a new type of classroom, Rossland’s Seven Summits Centre for Learning (in BC) is thriving as local parents and high school students look for a “future-proof” solution designed to meet their current and longer term educational needs.

“It’s hard to replace the magic of a well-run classroom and, like all schools, we’re missing the joy and buzz that go hand in hand with in-person learning but we're in a strong position to provide an alternative, flexible and future-proof solution which gives families one less thing to worry about,” says Ann Quarterman, operations manager, Seven Summits Centre for Learning.

By blending traditional, face to face learning in physical classrooms with pioneering, virtual ones, it’s been “business as usual” for the 40+ strong cohort of 7S high school students.  Their courses, once delivered by teaching staff within its iconic red roof heritage building have been effortlessly flipped into the homes of its learners to maintain a sense of normality, structure and routine.

With new registrations now open, administrators are experiencing a spike in interest from families who are either struggling with their own reality of digital learning or are discovering what a great tool it could be for children who have the willingness to learn, need to be challenged or have the aptitude for self-directed study.  

Joyce Oostindie, administrator, Seven Summits Centre for Learning, adds: 

“The mental health of our children must remain our number one priority and we hope to look back with positivity on the time spent reconnecting with family and nature.  We really don’t know what the future landscape of education will look like but the flexibility inherent in our system means that Rossland has a great resource right on its doorstep. 

“We already have a tried and tested road map of how to educate virtually, we already provide a BC curriculum on an established online platform through SD71’s Navigate NIDES, we’ve the experience and expertise to fully support students, have the added bonus of small classes and the ability to flip from blended to 100% online as conditions dictate.

“New learners can work entirely at their own pace, take longer to finish courses or take on additional subjects to progress faster and even graduate early.”

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN at Seven Summits Centre for Learning.  With a limited number of places available, parents and students in grades 8 – 12 can find out more or register their interest by e-mailing Joyce: info@sevensummitslearning.com.  Follow us on twitter @7summitslearn and Facebook/Instagram @sevensummitslearning  

Below: Some of last year's graduating class at Seven Summits Centre for Learning– back when distancing wasn't required.


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