COVID-19 and Rossland's Food Bank

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By Rossland Telegraph
March 20th, 2020

Rossland is a special place.  But it isn’t so special that we’re immune from things like COVID-19 and the cascading effects of school closures, pub and restaurant closures, store closures, entertainment-venue closures, event cancellations and so on.  These are important measures – as is maintaining social distancing.  Because, as our Provincial Public Health Officer pointed out, “The whole world is at risk.”  Even Rossland.  

Rossland’s Mayor has written a letter to Rossland residents about the  City’s response to COVID-19; find it at this link.

Livelihoods are already being affected. People are not being paid what they have been relying on being paid, and they still have the usual expenses: rent, heat and light, food  . . .  the cupboards are getting bare. Especially for those who did not have the means, or the inclination, to stock up and hoard food.  (Do we need to even mention toilet paper? Let’s not.)

And because of those who have stocked up to a ridiculous degree and are hoarding, the store shelves are bare, too.

More people need to resort to the food bank at times like this. Anyone who can afford to give something can help keep some of our neighbours from going without.

What the food bank needs the most:

The most welcome gift for the food bank is cash, because it gives the most flexibility in re-stocking food bank shelves with the items most in demand.

Readers can also provide goods directly; especially the ones on this list from the food bank:

     Peanut butter


     Small blocks of cheese

     Packages of individually wrapped cheese slices

     Small yogurts

     Canned fruit

     Canned vegetables (not beans)


     Toilet paper

     Granola bars

     Canned soups (not tomato)

     Saltine crackers

     Canned hams


     “Side Kicks” (noodles, rice packets)

     “Mr. Noodle” (ramen noodles)

     Canned salmon

     Canned ham, turkey or chicken (for sandwiches)



     Pancake mix

     Pancake syrup

     “Chunky” soups

The Food Bank is located on the south side of the arena, toward the curling rink.  Volunteers will gratefully receive contributions on Mondays between 5:00 and 6:30 pm, and on Tuesdays between 10:00 am and noon.

We’re all in this together.  Let’s share.

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