Volunteer organizations showcased

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
February 6th, 2020

Volunteer groups in Rossland who could find a volunteer or two to represent them had an opportunity to introduce themselves to interested residents, and perhaps attract more members.

Mayor Kathy Moore reported, “The first ever “Discover Rossland” was a popular event! Held at the Miner’s Hall on Feb 4th, lots of volunteer groups were able to engage with the citizens and each other. It was great to see all these super volunteers together under one roof. We really do live in an amazing community. Over 40 local groups were represented. Delicious soup, bread and cookies were on offer. The music was fun and the draw prizes were many! Thanks to all who contributed the success of this event.”

Over 155 people attended and filled out draw slips.  Others attended without filling out slips.  Moore said the turn-out was more than she had expected “for an event with no beer.”  She commented that the soup and cookies were “outstanding!”

People dropped donations into two jars – one for the musicians who graced the event, and the other went to the lucky organization that won the draw at the end of the evening; that turned out to be Curling Society.  Congratulations, curlers!

There were many prize draws, with prizes contributed by many generous Rossland businesses and organizations, which we won’t name here for fear of omitting any. 

At the end of the evening, the volunteers responsible for the “Discover Rossland” event did the necessary clean-up – putting away tables and any remaining chairs, tidying up, and mopping the floor. (One of those volunteers was Mayor Moore, by the way. Another was Councillor Janice Nightingale.) 

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