Rossland Teen is handpicked for Junior team by Core Kites Canada

Seven Summits Centre for Learning
By Seven Summits Centre for Learning
January 7th, 2020

16 year old Tayne Steven is a super motivated grade 11 student at Seven Summits Centre for Learning in Rossland BC, the site of the world’s first Kitefoiling academy.  After celebrating his first podium finish at Kiteclash competition in Squamish last year, his raw talent, huge likeability factor and genuine enthusiasm for the emerging Olympic sport has earned him a neat sponsorship deal with CORE Kites Canada.

Tayne’s trailblazing family are heavily into Kiteboarding and were responsible for recently setting up the Kitefoiling academy in partnership with Red Mountain Academy (RMA) and Seven Summits Centre for Learning (7S).  Between them, they facilitate a dry land training program alongside a highly flexible high school education so that its founding kiteboarding athlete can pursue his personal and academic goals at his own pace. The set up means Tayne, and those who follow in his wake, can train in La Ventana, Mexico from November to March with 4 Elements Kiiteboarding and kite on a daily basis under the watchful eye of head coach Xantos Villegas.  Its beach also marks the spot where Tayne, having reached the 100 lb ‘magic’ weight threshold, was given the all clear to stand on his first kiteboard, aged ten. “I’m so proud of him. He was a natural from the start,” says his first ever coach Jeanice Stone. 

“All my kite heros, the people I look up to most in the sport, have been sponsored by CORE so I’m super excited to be on the CORE Junior Team and have the opportunity to represent the brand,” says Tayne who has now added a 10m and 12m GTS to his existing 8XR to bring his quiver of CORE kites to three. 

With future aspirations to make it as a CORE team rider and join the freestyle and Big Air legends who are currently making waves in the sport, Steven Akkersdijk and Joshua Emanuel among them, Tayne is hoping to build on his competitive success at ‘King of the Lake’ at Nitinat, Lake, Vancouver 2020.   

In the meantime, his plans are to get stronger in the water, “train his butt off” with RMA, make the most of the ‘free Fridays’ at 7S to get ahead in his academic studies and then remain ahead by completing online courses delivered in pioneering virtual classrooms during his stints in Mexico.

“The aim is to kiteboard at every possible opportunity, focus on my sport without compromising on my academics and just send it!” adds Tayne who is building traction and a loyal fanbase on social media profile and can be followed on Facebook (@taynestevenkite) and Instagram (@tayne_steven)

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