Remembering in Rossland, 2019

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
November 12th, 2019

Crowds of Rosslanders gathered near the cenotaph for the customary ceremony to remember those killed and damaged in wars.  The new mural provided a fitting and poignantly beautiful backdrop for the scene, and as the Master of Ceremonies pointed out, it will serve to remind people all year ‘round, for many years to come, of what we gather annually to remember. 

Pipers piped and marchers marched; wreaths were laid; somber thoughts occupied many minds.

Afterward, the good women of the Legion served bowls of hot stew in the basement of the Rossland Legion building to help warm up those chilled during the ceremonies. After a short while, it was standing room only, and a few resorted to sitting on the floor before the crowds thinned enough to free up more chairs.

Rossland does remember, and some of those too young to remember — or to understand — are learning from their elders.   

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