Council Matters: November 4, 2019, meetings

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
November 5th, 2019

Notes:  Rossland City Council Meetings, November 4, 2019.

Present:  Mayor Kathy Moore, and Councillors Janice Nightingale, Dirk Lewis, Scott Forsyth, Stewart Spooner, and Chris Bowman.   Absent:  Andy Morel.  Staff:  CAO Bryan Teasdale, Deputy Corporate Officer Cynthia Año Nuevo, CFO Elma Hamming, Manager of Planning & Development Stacey Lightbourne, Manager of Recreation Kristi Calder.

1.           Public Hearing:  Zoning Amendment Bylaw #2707  for 2072 McLeod Avenue – to consider rezoning the property from R-1 Residential to R-1 GS (Guest Suite). 

One resident spoke about the parking issues on McLeod Avenue, especially in the winter; she wondered how many guests could be in the rental at one time and how many parking spots would be needed.  Lightbourne explained that the property has more parking spaces than required – they’d need four spaces, and they have five. She also asked about the increase in traffic on McLeod, and whether guests would be allowed in the back yard.

The owner of 2072 McLeod spoke and answered the questions raised by the first speaker.

2.           Regular Council Meeting:  

Public Input Period: 

Andrew Bennett  offered to answer any questions about the Hügel for Wildfire issue (later on the agenda).

A long-term resident spoke about his disappointment that “another historic mining road has been destroyed by a biking trail.”  He stated that the new Lone Star trail is too narrow for bikes and pedestrians to pass each other safely.  He stated, “you built a mountain biking trial and destroyed a piece of Rossland’s history.”  He also pointed out that another new trail enters Park Street at a “bit of a blind corner for oncoming traffic.” 

Another resident also spoke to complain about the Lone Star trail (and others) being too narrow, and about the conduct of mountain bikers who speed dangerously on the trails and act as if the trails are exclusively for mountain biking, and seem hostile to and thoughtless of hikers and dog-walkers.

Moore noted that the City is not directly involved in trail-building, and that complaints should be directed to the Kootenay-Columbia Trails Society. 


1.           Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC):  ED Terry Van Horn outlined the methods used to assist local businesses in the Kootenays, and to attract more, and how they measure their progress toward their goals for the region.  She described the work of Imagine Kootenay and emphasized how many serious enquiries she receives for potential investors in the area, and the work being done to attract businesses and workers.

Bill Van Beek, chair of the LCDTS, spoke about David Suzuki coming to the area next May, and mentioned that the CBT Symposium will be in two locations in 2020 – one in Golden and one in Trail.

Wesley Startup, chair of the LCIC board, spoke about Metal Tech Alley being a bit short of land for new expansion, and suggested that if the City has some land available, they should let him know, in case it could be available for any business that wants to “manufacture widgets.”

2.           Rossland Arena Society:  Darin Recchi  provided an update on their activities and progress in fundraising and eliciting support from local businesses.  So far, the Society has raised over $64,500 for the arena, and plans to earn more by selling merchandise in time for the holiday season.

Ona Stanton pointed out that the arena brings visitors to town during the shoulder seasons – early fall, late spring – when people are not coming for skiing or biking.  Recchi said he’d like the question to be “how do we keep ice in the arena” instead of  “does the community want ice in the arena.”   Stanton mentioned that until they have a decision from the  City about the fate of the arena, they are unable to access potential funding from other entities that have expressed interest, such as the Smokies, Teck, and others.

Moore pointed out that City facilities that are successfully maintained all have “cheerleaders” – a group of volunteers established to help operate and fundraise for the facility – and that the City needs the Arena Society to fill that role for the arena. 

Forsyth stated that he has a fiduciary responsibility to  work for the good of the community – within budgetary constraints, and that the arena is the City’s most expensive facility to operate. 

Recchi commented that City Council now has to deal with the lack of maintenance over past decades – “It’s not on you, but now you have to clean it up.”


A motion to adopt Traffic and Highways Bylaw #2698 CARRIED unanimously; a “companion” motion to rescind Speed Limit Policy 07-02 also CARRIED unanimously.  During discussion, Spooner asked if the new, higher fines would make it easier to issue tickets; Teasdale responded that it wouldn’t make it easier, but would make it worthwhile.

A further motion to allow a grace period, with warnings, until January 1, CARRIED unanimously.  Moore didn’t want people to get hit with the higher fines during the lead-up to Christmas.

A motion to give third reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2707, for 2072 McLeod Avenue, CARRIED unanimously.

 Policy Review:  Council discussed a motion to reconfirm the Regional District Appointments Policy.  Moore suggested that an appointment could be changed for the purpose of increasing the experience of other Council members; the amendment CARRIED unanimously.   A motion to re-appoint Andy Morel as the representative on the RDKB  CARRIED unanimously.  A  motion to appoint Janice Nightingale as the alternate also CARRIED unanimously.

Development Permit Application for 1016 Olaus Way:  Council discussed a motion to issue an environmental development permit for the proposed subdivision, subject to eight listed conditions.  Lewis commented that there were no conditions about invasive weeds;  Lightbourne explained that there is little in our OCP about invasives, and Council discussed the process of amending the OCP.  The motion to issue the development permit CARRIED unanimously.

Remembrance Day 2019 Event Request:  A motion to approve the requested closure of Washington Street from Columbia to First Avenue for the Remembrance Day Parade CARRIED unanimously.

Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas Event Request:  A motion to approve the usual support as requested CARRIED unanimously.

TransRockies Singletrack 6 bike event, June 12 and 13, 2020:  The organizers have requested permission to use the Centennial ball field on June 12, and to close portions of Dunn Crescent, Nevada Street, Victoria Avenue, Union Avenue, and Spokane Street for about ten minutes that morning, and to use Centennial Trail from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm on June 13.  The organizers will provide all traffic control.  A motion to approve the request, on the condition that they pay the usual field rental fee, CARRIED unanimously.

A  motion to endorse a grant application to Columbia Basin Trust for a “Wildfire Innovation Grant” for “Hügels for Fire Hazards”  CARRIED unanimously.  If the application is successful, the plan is to do wildfire mitigation in the Deer Park Hill area.

Notice of the Schedule of Regular Meetings for 2020:

A motion to provide public notice of the schedule for Rossland City Council meetings for 2020 CARRIED unanimously;  meetings are scheduled for the following dates in 2020:

Monday, January 6                                      Monday, June 15

Monday, January 20                                    Monday, July 13

Monday, February 3                                    Monday, August 10

*Tuesday,February 18                               Monday, September 14

Monday, March 9                                        Monday, October 5

Monday, April 6                                           Monday, October 19

Monday, April 20                                         Monday, November 2

Monday, May 4                                            Monday, November 16

*Tuesday,May 19                                       Monday, December 14

Monday, June 1                           

Appointments of Acting Mayor for 2020:

A motion to approve the roster of acting mayor appointments as published at page 157 in the Council agenda package CARRIED unanimously.

Committee Appointments for 2020:

 For appointment details, see p. 159 – 160 of the council package, athttps://rossland.civicweb.net/document/6265 

A  motion to add a liaison position for KCTS, and to appoint Scott Forsyth to it, CARRIED unanimously.

A  motion to close City Hall offices from December 23 to December 27 CARRIED unanimously.

REQUEST:  Butch Boutry has requested an exemption from the plastic check-out bag ban.  Lewis moved that Council not allow an exemption.  Boutry had indicated that he wants to get “oxo-biodegradable” bags; the definition of “oxo-biodegradable” was queried, and the single-use nature of the bags was discussed.  Lewis moved to defer the motion until the next meeting, to gather more information, and Council agreed.

Council recessed to an in-camera session, and your reporter ambled home in the dark, wondering what kind of snow year we’ll have this winter season, and regretting the weariness brought on by the weekend’s change to Standard  Time.

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