New Rosslander earns beer the hard way

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
September 3rd, 2019

The hiker who retrieved Rossland’s flag from the peak of Mount Roberts this year to save it from destruction by the winds and frosts of winter is a new Rossland resident –  Blay Clements.  His enthusiasm has already earned a warm welcome to the community for himself and his family.  He and his wife and daughter moved to the area from Vancouver last year, and settled in Rossland at the end of May.  Blay works at an engineering firm in Trail.

Clements may have been motivated by the growler of Rossland Beer Company beverage promised (and delivered) by Mayor Kathy Moore, but he said, “I’ve wanted to hike Mount Roberts all summer, since we have a nice view of the mountain from our backyard.”  He had company on the hike; his friend Anthony Penson from the UK helped him retrieve the flag, and probably helped him deal with the contents of the growler, too.

As the photo shows, the day was mostly overcast, and Clements reported that he and Penson experienced some light rain on the way down.

In years past, the flag atop Mt. Roberts was simply left to be shredded by winter weather, and the annual Canada Day hike up the mountain to replace it with a new flag had the additional task of un-jamming the tatters still on the flagpole before the new flag could be attached and raised.  One local resident recalls climbing down a gully on the north side of the peak to gather as many of the scraps of torn flag as possible, and distributing them to some of the Canada Day hikers who wanted them as souvenirs.

Below:  Mayor Kathy Moore presents the promised reward

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