A FREE Workshop: Wetlands and what to do about them

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June 26th, 2019

Water — increasingly precious.  Don't “drain the swamp”!

As climate change shrinks the glaciers that feed our major rivers,  and changes patterns of precipitation that feed smaller streams and groundwater, our water supply becomes increasingly precarious – and precious.

Wetlands the world over store water and release it slowly.  They also filter it, and mitigate flooding when there are intense rain-fall events.

Wetlands provide habitat for hundred of species.  At a time when plant and animal extinctions are all too common, and rapidly increasing, it becomes increasingly crucial to preserve natural habitat. Humanity has a history of failing to recognize the value of wetlands – we’ve drained them, filled them, paved them or converted them to agricultural use – instead of understanding and preserving their contributions to life on earth.

Learn more at this free workshop:

The BC Wildlife Federation is hosting a two-and-a-half day “Wetlandkeepers Workshop” in Rossland, from 5:30 pm on July 12 to 4:30 pm on July 14.  To register, and for more information, click this link: 


The Rossland workshop will include field trips to the wetlands at Oasis and Strawberry Pass.  For these, participants are expected to bring a bag lunch, water, and clothing for potentially changeable weather.  The classroom sessions will be held at the Seven Summits for Learning location in the “red-roofed church” building in Rossland

This event is priceless but free, because generous sponsors have pitched in to cover the costs, to ensure barrier-free learning by everyone who is interested:

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