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Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
May 7th, 2019

Is there a soul in Rossland who wants to contribute to our community by writing and gathering thought-provoking  articles on issues both local and global, on important matters and sometimes merely humorous ones?  How about transitioning to the ownership and editorship of the Rossland Telegraph? 

The value of the Rossland Telegraph to this community is that it is not owned by any big-media mega-corporation.  It can be a vehicle for news and views not found – not allowed, sometimes — in the large corporate media.  It is presently free of “corporate capture” and it can remain that way.  And that freedom from the dictates of a corporate boss is precious in news media, and getting rarer these days.    

Operating a small on-line-only publication is interesting, and rewarding in many ways.

If you think you might like to try it out, or at least learn more about it, please do contact the current owner and editor – that’s me, Sara Golling – and we’ll talk. You will very likely be able to improve the publication in many ways. And you don’t have to do it in total solitude, either, or even do all the work — there are associated, but also editorially independent, publications in nearby communities that share some content.

About the Rossland Telegraph:

First, the backstory – in brief.  Author and teacher Adrian Barnes founded the Rossland Telegraph in 2008, with his friend David Livingstone. Locals Andrew Zwicker and Andrew Bennet both worked with Adrian, and researched, reported and wrote excellent articles for the Telegraph, until moving on to other interests. Other writers also contributed:  Arlen MacLaine and Allyson Kenning, to name just two.

In 2014,  Adrian became ill with what proved to be a terminal brain tumour.  He passed the responsibility for the Rossland Telegraph on to me, and I reluctantly accepted it.

Why reluctantly?  I had no experience as a journalist – except for writing “Council Matters”  (reports on Rossland City Council meetings)  for almost year before that.  And I’m elderly, which limits my energy levels and the amount I can accomplish in any given day.

I was 69 years old when I took on the Telegraph.  Now I’m pushing 74.  It’s time to pass the torch and give the Rossland Telegraph’s voice to some other, younger, willing soul(s).

Is there such a person in Rossland? Or more?  I truly hope so, because I see the Rossland Telegraph as a valuable community resource and would hate to see it just flicker out of existence. That's why I agreed to take it on back in 2014. 

We’re all mortal, and I see myself as being on an exit ramp from this great highway of life, just by virtue of my age.  I hope it’s a nice, long ramp, but we never know, do we?

If you’re interested in the prospect of carrying on this unique publication which has survived and served for 11 years so far,  please do get in touch at  editor@rosslandtelegraph.com


(Image by  Elijah O'Donnel via Unsplash)

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