Winter Carnival Poster Contest Winner

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
March 5th, 2019

Finn Adamson won the Rossland Winter Carnival Poster Contest and the $100 prize.  Congratulations, Finn!  Wisely, he plans to save that money toward his university education; he is now 10 years old and in Grade Four.  Those years before he is ready for university will pass in a flash.

Rossland’s Winter Carnival, like so many other events in Rossland, runs on volunteer time and energy.  So here’s a shout-out to those who may have a bit of extra time – including some of Rossland’s newer and younger residents:  if you enjoy events like Winter Carnival,  Golden City Days, and the Fall Fair, please consider making time to join the ranks of the volunteers who make them happen.  Some of those volunteers have been the energy driving community celebrations for several decades, and are getting ready to retire. They’d like someone else to absorb their extensive experience-based knowledge. We need some succession planning here.  But succession planning requires some successors.

Here are a few of the organizations and events that may interest readers.

The Rossland Fall Fair  is a one-day annual event held at the Rossland arena during Golden City Days, in September. It features music, a petting zoo, booths to sell crafts and products, displays of prize-winning garden produce, baking, canning, and crafts – and more.  Its organizers want to introduce others to the joys of making the Fall Fair colourful, attractive and fun;  interested?  Contact them at  rosslandbc.fallfair@gmail.com.  Planning starts early!

Other community events that welcome dedicated volunteers include:

Rossland Golden City Days
Rossland Winter Carnival

Gold Fever Follies

Time keeps passing.  Change keeps happening.  Young Finn will grow up and go to university, and the seasoned volunteers powering  Rossland’s community spirit will need to pass the torch to younger people who can acquire their seasoning as the years go by. 

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