Ecole des Sept-Sommets Students Plant for the Future

By Contributor
October 16th, 2018

Climate scientists have said that planting trees can help to combat climate change. Some of Rossland's students have been helping with that. 


Last Friday,  students of Ecole des Sept-Sommets planted over 150 trees and shrubs in the southeast corner of their school yard. These plants, some native plants and some edibles, will liven up the school grounds by attracting a wide range of creatures, from birds and squirrels to insects, worms, and fungi. This green haven will also be useful for garden projects and outdoor learning.


The project was possible thanks to grants from Tree Canada, The Nelson District Credit Union, and CBT as well as donations of mulch from ATCO and trucking from SUTCO Transportation Specialists.


There’s more work to be done, as there always is once things have been planted. Next, the students will add fall leaves as mulch to all the planted areas to help retain moisture and add nutrients to the soil, and in the coming year or two, the school hopes to add a small tool shed and shade structure. 


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