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By Rossland Telegraph
October 9th, 2018

Rossland has a new Forest Park.  Come and get introduced to it – learn, and dig in to make it even better, and then have some celebratory BBQ!

The Rossland Society for Environmental Action invites everyone to come and get grubby at the new Forest Park, on Sunday, October 14.

Meet at the Red Barn Lodge at 9:00 a.m. to take an interpretive walk up Drake’s trail and learn about the park — and participate in ecosystem enhancement activities that include enhancing habitat for the long-toed salamander, collecting native seeds while exploring Lucy’s meadow and planting native plants. Outdoor activities will be followed by a celebration lunch and BBQ  at Red Barn Lodge.

This event is about raising awareness and celebrating the securement of some of our community watershed assets, the wetlands and forests systems. It is also a great opportunity for community members to meet the owners of the Red Barn Lodge who donated land and initiated the creation of a Forest Park in Rossland, which also secures a section of Drake’s trail.

Community members will have the opportunity to explore “Lucy’s meadow” which is a hidden gem near the Red Barn Lodge that has a diverse wet meadow and salamander breeding pond which will be enhance by filling a ditch. Outdoor activities will be followed by a free celebration lunch and BBQ to provide community members with an opportunity to connect and learn about other environmental projects RSEA is supporting in the region.  Rossland Brewing is a sponsor of the lunch celebration.

·       Where: Red Barn Lodge, 1115 Black Bear Drive (Bring a shovel!)

·       Date/Time: Sunday, October 14, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. FREE BBQ follows.

The Rossland Society for Environmental Action (RSEA) is able to host this event with support from the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program. www.fwcp.ca

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