Explosions! A column of black smoke!

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
September 11th, 2018

Sirens and loud explosions disturbed the peace on Columbia Avenue in Rossland late Monday afternoon.

A  black pick-up truck had pulled to a stop in the 1500 block, emitting some smoke; the male driver leaped out of the vehicle, and it burst into flames. A resident of upper Columbia Avenue ran down with a hand-held fire extinguisher and emptied it on the fire, and this action probably slowed it somewhat; but then the fire trucks arrived with professionals to deal with the flames. Two or three loud, booming explosions were followed by a towering column of dense black smoke before the firefighters could douse the burning pick-up. 

The burnt truck had originally stopped beside a Jeep, and an owner of the Jeep immediately ran out of her house and backed it up safely out of range of the fire raging from the black truck.

An eye-witness reported that a man also ran out of the immediately adjacent house with a large knife in hand, but it is not clear what he intended to do with the knife.

The truck was gutted.   

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