Lions Campground cleaned and ready for campers

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
May 30th, 2018

The Lions Club Campground is a well-known and appreciated fixture in Rossland, but how many people know how much volunteer effort goes into maintaining this part of our tourism infrastructure? TripAdvisor gives the campground a five-star rating.

Last winter was unusually destructive of trees, littering the campground with more than the expected amount of broken branches and other debris. A crew of 17 Lions Club volunteers gathered to clean it up, in preparation for the camping season; City crews then removed the accumulated tree-litter and swept the roadways. Lion Don Vinish expressed the club’s gratitude to the City for enabling the campground to open on time, and to be prepared for work on improvement and expansion of the campground’s facilities, expected to begin on June 4.

Vinish also extended an invitation to interested community members to join the Lions.  “We do have a lot of fun getting together and serving the community!”

The campground has been required to limit its expansion to areas that do not encroach on or disturb the Centennial Wetland, as has the bike skills park further to the west. 

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