Rossland Council's recommendations for CIP grants

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
April 18th, 2018

Rossland City Council met on April 17 to discuss the applications for Community Initiatives Program (CIP) grants, and to make recommendations about which organization should get how much. All Council members were present except Marten Kruysse and Andrew Zwicker.

Mayor Moore opened the meeting by expressing appreciation for all the groups who contribute so much to the community and the region, explaining the difference between the total amount available and the total amount requested, and that very large requests could not be successful, at least not entirely so.

Council heard presentations from applicants for Community Initiative Program funding who attended the meeting, in the order in which they had signed up, before discussing how much to award to whom.  There was a total of $51,730 available for Council to award; and a total of $115,164 requested from Rossland’s pot of funding. The following organizations had representatives speak to their applications.

Holy Trinity Parish applied for funding for their non-denominational program, “Skool-Aid,” which provides free school materials for low-income children whose families struggle to make ends meet;

Trail Maple Leaf Band seeks funding to cover the expense of adding to their stock of instruments for students who cannot afford them;

Societa Cristoforo Colombo Lodge asked for funding for audio-visual equipment for their games room to help attract younger members;

Trail Pipe Band asked for funding to help students attend a training course at Silver Star, and related an anecdote about the pipers from Rossland coming down the hill to pipe people across the bridge in Trail when it was first opened;

Red Mountain Racers is seeking funding to replace the safety B-netting for races; emphasized the number of visitors their activities bring to Rossland, and the amount of media coverage world-wide, and even families moving here along with students of the ski academy;

Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital is seeking funding for portable ultrasound equipment for improved ultrasound service;

Rossland Mountain Market Society asked for funding for new, improved signage;

Rossland Public Library wants to upgrade their heavily-used computers, which are all connected to a printer, and pointed out that, last year, printing at the library went up 87%;

West Kootenay Brain Injury Association needs funding to support rehabilitation for brain injury sufferers;

Gold Fever Follies — Marnie Jacobsen hammed it up while making a pitch for financial assistance;

Trail & District Chamber of Commerce sought funding to support the Kootenay Healthy Lifestyles Expo on June 8 and 9; Audry Durham explained that the Expo has been extended by a half-day this year and that they have space for volunteer groups to exhibit;

SPCA is seeking funding for their spay/neuter program. They expect their new facility in Castlegar to open in early July;

Greater Trail Hospice Society wants funding to provide a basic training program for volunteers;

United Way:  in Rossland, they help fund the firefighters Christmas hamper program, which supplies over 100 hampers annually. United Way must fund only organizations that can provide a legal tax receipt;

Black Jack is seeking funding for ski sets to loan to students. Ann Quarterman said that they had over 300 visitors in their program this season;

Seven Summits Centre for Learning wants to provide a “flipped classroom” to enhance their blended learning model;

Ecole des Sept-Sommets seeks funds for building a garden and nature space near the school building, with fencing to protect the garden, and spaces for student experiments;

Tourism Rossland wants funding to renew the lease on the “V-Formation” sculpture and to replace “Girls can do anything”  with “Gotta Practice First;”

Health Art Society’s “concerts in care” program provides musical entertainment and social interaction for people in care facilities;

Council then went through the list of applicants to eliminate any from consideration that did not have sufficient support on Council for their projects. Organizations left out of funding by majority vote were the Horse Association of Central Kootenay, Colombo Lodge, and the Trail Maple Leaf Band.

The following list shows each applicant, the amount it requested from Rossland, and the amount that Council will recommend that it be allotted. Please note that these awards will not be final until and unless Council’s recommendations are accepted by the board of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.





BC SPCA – Trail Branch

 $      750.00

 $     560.00


Black Jack Cross Country Ski Club

 $   3,000.00

 $  1,488.00


Ecoles des Sept-Sommets Association (PAC)

 $ 11,500.00

 $  2,000.00


Family Action Network of the Lower Columbia

 $   2,052.00

 $  1,450.00


Greater Trail Hospice Society

 $      548.80

 $     509.00


Greater Trail Minor Hockey Association

 $      450.00

 $     390.00


Health Arts Society

 $   2,000.00

 $  1,090.00



Holy Trinity Parish

 $      400.00

 $     300.00


Horse Association of Central Kootenay

 $   1,000.00

 $      (nil)                            


Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital & Health Foundation Society

 $   4,500.00

 $  2,300.00


Kootenay Columbia Educational Heritage Society

 $      250.00

 $     230.00


Red Mountain Racers

 $   6,000.00

 $  3,500.00


Rise Above Pain Society

 $   7,700.00

 $  1,340.00


Rossland Council for Arts & Culture

 $   3,000.00

 $  2,400.00


Rossland Fall Fair Core Group

 $   2,000.00

 $  1,160.00


Rossland Gold Fever Follies

 $   3,800.00

 $  2,920.00


Rossland Golden City Lions Society

 $   6,000.00

 $  3,140.00


Rossland Historical Museum & Archives

 $   3,600.00

 $  1,760.00


Rossland Mountain Market Society

 $   1,446.11

 $     945.00


Rossland Public Library Association

 $    4,200.00

 $  2,950.00


Rossland Skate Park Association

 $  10,000.00

 $  6,101.00


Rossland Youth Action Network

 $    9,000.00

 $  4,401.00


Scouts Canada – Camp Tweedsmuir

 $    1,500.00

 $     488.00


Societa Cristoforo Colombo Lodge

 $       500.00

 $      (nil)  


Special Olympics BC – Trail

 $       500.00

 $     460.00


Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation

 $    1,000.00

 $     360.00


Tourism Rossland Society

 $    4,450.00

 $   3,206.00


Trail & District Chamber of Commerce

 $    1,000.00

 $      660.00


Trail Alliance Church

 $    3,350.00

 $      240.00


Trail Gymnastics Club Society -‘Funding Assistance”

 $    2,250.00

 $   1,348.00


Trail Gymnastics Club Society -‘Tumble & Bounce’

 $    1,000.00

 $      350.00


Trail Maple Leaf Band

 $    7,500.00

 $      (nil) 


Trail Pipe Band

 $       580.00

 $      373.00


Trail Youth & Minor Baseball Association – Batting Cage

 $    2,115.00

 $   1,063.00


Trail Youth/Minor Baseball – Portable Sound System

 $       463.00

 $       (nil)  


United Way of Trail

 $     1,460.00

 $      568.00


Visions for Small Schools

 $     1,299.30

 $      780.00


West Kootenay Brain Injury

 $     3,000.00

 $      900.00
















 $ 51,730.00



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