Have your say on (legal) cannabis in Rossland

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
March 2nd, 2018

Rossland City Council wants your opinions on various aspects of the sale and use of cannabis in our fair mountain town.

Legal recreational use of cannabis is coming our way; every municipality needs to consider how to deal with zoning, business licenses, and bylaws limiting (or not) where cannabis can be smoked. It may sound simple, but Rossland’s Council wants public input before designing our bylaws and policies about cannabis.

Where should retail outlets for cannabis be located?  How many should there be in Rossland? And more . . . 

Most of the laws governing the sale of marijuana (cannabis) are federal or provincial — municipal governments have no power over things like the legal age to purchase cannabis products, which products can be sold legally, and restrictions on drug-impaired driving. The survey covers those topics over which the City has jurisdiction.

Everyone is asked to fill in the survey, now available on-line at this link:


Have your say, and help shape the changes that are coming.


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