COLUMN: Fatigued and frustrated? Simple tips for relief

Dr Amanda Chay ND
By Dr Amanda Chay ND
October 4th, 2017

First, I would like to thank the community for welcoming me to this beautiful location.  As many of you already know, Dr. Brenda Gill retired September 1st and I have taken over her practice. All of the patients I have already met have been so kind and I look forward to continue working with them in the future.

A bit about me:

Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, I spent a year traveling between my undergrad and naturopathic medical degree and did a ski season in the French Alps. After spending the last 5 years in Vancouver, I was missing the community of a smaller location. Already having a love of winter and the mountains, snowboarding and hiking, I decided to relocate to a mountain town.

My love of medicine, psychology, and nature drove me to a career in Naturopathic Medicine. Prior to my 4 year Naturopathic Medical degree, where I completed extra courses to be certified in Acupuncture, IV therapy and Pharmaceutical prescription rights, I completed pre-medical studies that culminated in a Psychology degree from the University of Regina. I have seen time and time again common medical conditions being reversed with simple diet and lifestyle changes and the aid of herbal and vitamin supplements. I believe the key to health and happiness is balance and I look forward to helping patients get to a place where they are symptom free so they can simply spend more time enjoying every day.

Decreasing Stress, improving energy:

As we transition back into our regular routines and the busyness of life after a relaxing summer, I thought I would leave you some simple tips for increasing energy and decreasing stress so you can make it through the day.

1.      Know and respect your boundaries

*      Nothing adds more stress than trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and saying yes to everyone.  Know your limit and say yes to things that will make you happy and no to things that will add to your stress.  Once you start saying ‘no’ people will learn to respect your boundaries and are less likely to demand more than you are willing to give ― so you have time to give to yourself! 

2.      Manage your time wisely

*      Set priorities, knowing you can only accomplish so much in one day.  Listen to yourself and if you do not feel like completing a task, switch gears and do a task you DO feel like doing. You can get back to the other task when you feel more motivated.

3.      Craving a chocolate bar or sugary latte?  Have some fruit & protein instead

*      I know this is hard but sugar can make you irritable and give you an energy crash.  Fruit has more fiber and antioxidants that are beneficial to your health and happiness, and adding protein (such as seeds and nuts) will keep your blood sugar, and therefore your energy, stable.

4.      Practice deep belly breathing

*      When you are feeling overwhelmed stop and put your hand on your belly.  Take 2 minutes to breath in through your nose for 5 seconds and breath out through your nose for 5 seconds.  This is an instant way to calm you down, increase your happiness and prepare you for what lies ahead.

5.      Add supplements to ‘supplement’ your time of stress

*      Times of increased fatigue and irritability are the best time to be supplementing with vitamins, minerals and herbs.  See your ND for recommendations specific for you and any medications you may be on.

*      A vitamin injection is an easy way to increase your nutrients to quickly boost your energy and mood.

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