Flooding in city causes safety concerns

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
May 27th, 2017

Emergency officials and local government staff have responded to localized flooding on Bloomer Creek, near Meadowlark Lane, in the Oglow subdivision of the City of Castlegar. 

On the evening of May 26, a minor slide upstream on Bloomer Creek caused a temporary blockage on the downstream storm system which required City action to clean the system.

The City cautions that creeks and streams are continuing to rise and see increased flows. Residents are advised to use extra care and attention around local creeks.  Hikers and walkers should be aware that fast moving water may cause some creek bank erosion and creek bank edges may not be stable. 

Crews will continue to monitor trouble spots clearing culverts and other blockages that could lead to flooding.   

Anyone noticing a potential problem or a flooding concern is asked to call the Castlegar Fire Department at 9-1-1.

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