Spokane Street Project Starting Friday, May 26

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
May 25th, 2017

Rosslanders must be getting accustomed to the temporary inconvenience of our infrastructure improvements.  There was the Columbia Avenue project, then the Washington Street project and the bin wall replacement; each of them involved re-routing or delaying traffic.  This season, the Spokane Street improvements will disrupt our usual routes — and it will all be so much better afterward! 

Here’s the City’s announcement with the details, for anyone who hasn’t received it directly:

“This notice is to inform all affected residents and businesses of the road closure that will commence Friday, May 26, 2017.  The Spokane Street entrance into Lower Rossland will be closed starting Friday as that is the initial construction zone.   There will be pedestrian access made for the home owners only, any and all other traffic and pedestrians will need to re-route around this zone. We ask home owners to use alley access if they have it available.

“The Davis Street tunnel will have access as well as the trail behind the Prestige and behind Ferraro Foods.  All vehicle traffic will need to use Lower Columbia Ave or Thompson Ave to access Lower Rossland.

“All garbage and recycling should be brought to the alley access- if you have a through alley, otherwise it will need to be brought to either end of the construction zone.  You can contact Alpine Disposal at 250-367-0099 fur further instruction.

“Lay down areas being used by the contractor are as follows:

*Emcon Yard Third Ave between Washington St and Spokane St

*Arena  Parking Lot between Second Ave & Third Ave and Spokane St and Earl St

*Cook Ball Park Turn Around  on Davis St between Kootenay Ave & Cook Ave (we will leave room for the school bus only)


“Construction north of Columbia is not scheduled to begin until Mid- June. Watch for Trail Closed signs and please avoid them for your safety.

“Weekly updates will be on the City website at www.rossland.ca where you will find road closures and any construction information.

“If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact the undersigned directly.”

Darrin Albo (250) 362-7396 x1237                              Sean Annan, P.Eng (250) 509-0347 (cell)

Manager of Operations , City of Rossland              Project Manager, ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd

darrinalbo@rossland.ca                                                sannan@islengineering.com


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