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May 9th, 2017

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is urging residents of the Boundary region to expect rivers to rise beginning Thursday.

This comes as Environment Canada issued a Special Weather Statement for the Boundary region for Thursday.

Environment Canada is forecasting rain and possible thunderstorms beginning late Thursday over the Southern Interior.

“A developing cold front will stall over the Southern BC Interior late Thursday and begin to transition out of the area on Friday,” the statement on the Environment Canada read.

“Rain and the threat of thunderstorms are likely beginning late Thursday.”

Environment Canada said this weather situation combined with spring snow melt will lead to rising river levels and may increase the risk of flooding.

“Quickly flowing water and the adjacent riverbanks are potentially unsafe. Don’t approach washouts near rivers, creeks and culverts, and keep away from creek and river banks.”

In a media release Tuesday, the RDKB urged residents in low-lying areas to begin to prepare for higher waters by taking immediate measures.

  • Build sandbag dikes to protect at-risk properties
  • Move livestock to higher ground
  • Turn off gas, electrical and water-supply mains (contact your local utility for assistance)
  • Plug toilets in basements and plug drains in low floors
  • If your dwelling is at risk sand bags are available at no cost

The RDKB is also advising livestock owners are also advised to prepare for potential flooding.

Owners are strongly advised to take measures to prepare for higher water including:

  • Move livestock to another site on the farm out of the hazard zone if possible
  • Identify other sites or farms where livestock can safely be relocated outside of  the evacuation area.
  • Identify available transportation avenues and ensure you have appropriate livestock ID for movement
  • Contact the EOC to request information about relocating livestock if needed
  • Inform the EOC when you are relocating livestock
  • Funding may be available to assist eligible farm businesses with commercial livestock relocation
  • EOC engages with Ministry of Agriculture to coordinate livestock relocation as required

Other clarification notes and information for pets and hobby farms.

  • Animal owners should have a plan for plan for their animals to make sure they’ll have food, water, shelter and any veterinary supplies they need:
  • Make arrangements for pets and hobby animals in case you have to go to a shelter where they cannot be with you.
  • Commercial livestock producers involved in farm businesses should make relocation arrangements where possible. Commercial livestock may be relocated under an Evacuation Alert with approval from the EOC. Please contact your EOC to discuss your situation.

Due to the increased possibility of animals becoming lost or disoriented, please ensure you have a way of identifying your animals:

  • Pets and hobby animals may have tattoos, licenses and/or computer chips, make sure you have some documentation of that method and take some pictures. Horses may have brands but many do not.
  • A s a precaution take some pictures and possibly braid a small tag with your name andcontact information into their mane where they are not likely to rip it off.
  • Livestock are likely to have brands, tattoos, and/or RFID tags, but taking some extra pictures and having their documentatio ready to go is prudent.

Update on flooding in Boundary Region

There is localized flooding from the Kettle River, the Granby River and Boundary Creek said the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary in a media release.

The latest update from the RDKB Emergency Operations Centre said river level are slowly dropping but the Boundary region is not out of the woods yet.


“River levels have been slowly dropping but are expected to rise late Thursday and Friday,” the RDKB said.

“Please leave all sandbags in place and exercise extreme caution near moving water. Call 1-888-747-9119 for information on sandbags.

The RDCK activated its Emergency Operations Centre in Grand Forks in response to rising river and creek levels in the Boundary Saturday.

Residents affected by the rising waters should call 1-888-747-9119. Residents are advised to stay away from creeks and rivers until further notice as they are running high and are dangerous

The EOC is staffed by personnel from the RDKB and the City of Grand Forks.

The areas of flooding are the Granby River north of the City of Grand Forks, sections of the City of Grand Forks and sections of Greenwood.

Some buildings, trailers and recreational vehicles are at risk. Livestock in  low fields are at risk.

Residents in low lying areas are advised to immediately begin preparations for possible flooding by doing  the following:

  • Move livestock to higher ground
  • Turn off gas, electrical and water supply mains
  • Plug toilets in basementsand low floors

If your dwelling is at risk sand bags are available at no cost.

There are sand bags available for pick up and sand delivery has commenced. Residents who will be  impacted by floodwater are advised to call 1(888)747-9119 to get the locations where sand bags can be picked up and to arrange delivery of sand to their properties.

Residents are advised to exercise extreme caution when moving near flooding rivers. The Province of BC River Forecast Centre publishes current Flood Warnings and Advisories. The Boundary flooding information is found at this link.

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