Letter: All I want for Christmas is Proportional Representation

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
December 22nd, 2016

To The Editor:

A Christmas poem to all the Liberal MPs in Canada.

Oh Liberal MP, oh Liberal dear
Pull up a chair and lend me your ear.
My tale is short, I won’t keep you long
Just a wee ask to fix a big wrong.

Twas not long ago Trudeau made clear
FPTP had had its last year.
The people cheered and voted in trust
that Trudeau’s Liberals would fix the unjust.

The committee studied, all summer through
With a survey, emails, and many a backyard do.
A PR system was the favoured choice
of committee experts and the peoples’ voice.

So, quite shocking it was to hear Trudeau say
Hey! ‘Canadians actually think I’m okay’
Then, Monsef to a room full of PR support!
“There’s no consensus” I regret to report.

It’s truly awesome to be a Liberal MP
devoting yourself to the entire country.
Pardon, I do not intend to insult or provoke
But, be wary, your power depends on our vote.

The time is short and the task is great
To keep the promise our PM did state.
Please give thought, ‘mid the season’s jollity
To how you will fix our democracy.

Ann Remnant
Nelson, BC

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