Time to rally support for the Nelson Hospice Day Program

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
October 19th, 2016

There’s another golden opportunity on the horizon for the public to support a good cause as the Nelson & District Hospice Society and the Kalein Centre join together to compete for the Aviva Community Health Funding Grant.

The Health Grant is part of the Aviva Community Funding competition.

The NDHS and Kalein Centre are competing for the lower level of funding, under $50,000 to help the Day Hospice Program.

“This is an opportunity for the community to help in a huge way by simply clicking through a website and voting for a cause that can have a significant impact on a project needed in this region,” said Jane DiGiacomo.

“Certainly the program is up against some big players in big city environments, where it can be easier to rally support, but our small communities in the region have a history of coming together and showing support for various projects in a big way.”

The program will increase access to quality care, by providing personal care services to individuals who are palliative, as well as respite for their families and caregivers.

This program will be offered to upstream palliative individuals, their families and caregivers in Nelson and area.

“Our day hospice program will focus on providing a welcoming and safe place for palliative clients to increase their quality of life, reduce social isolation and increase their ability to stay at home,” DiGiacomo explains.

“The program will run one day a week, five hours per day and will include both peer-support through facilitated groups and activities, complimentary care services (i.e., counselling, body-based practices, bathing, palliative massage) for palliative individuals, a meal and opportunities for rest and relaxation.”

DiGiacomo said at the same time the program aims to provide opportunity for support and respite for families and friends who are the support system for the individual receiving care.

“They will be able to participate in a peer support group facilitated by volunteers and take place at the end of each program day,” she said.

The public can vote by going to the Aviva website.

Every participant has 18 votes they can use at any time from October 11-28 and can vote for the same idea more than once and/or for multiple ideas or you can use all of your 18 votes at once and for one program – like our day hospice program.

The 30 ideas that receive the most votes will become finalists. Every participant has to go through a short registration process, to ensure fair voting.

After the voting closes on October 28th, the finalists will be announced by November 7th.

The top 30 finalists are then reviewed and evaluated by an independent panel of judges who choose the winning. On December 6th, the Grand Prize Winners will be announced.

“We have already received many votes in support of our project and are hoping for many more.”

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