Letter: This is hardly surprising to that small percent of hunters

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October 11th, 2016

To The Editor:

The Vancouver Sun article: “Scarce Moose” is hardly surprising to that small percent of hunters, outfitters and concerned citizens who are fully aware of the sorry state of wildlife management in BC.

Weak wildlife management started to go downhill in 1996 when Premier Glen Clark facing a sea of red ink demanded more money from all of our natural resources. Punch in Jim Walker, Director of Wildlife on your electronic device and you will find a letter written by the director that makes that point.

The BC Liberals doubled down in 2005 and subsequently implemented a hunting opportunity agenda that has resulted in wildlife inventory tactics always a crude guessing game, validating long hunting seasons province wide.

Many stories from credible hunters and outfitters corroborate that excessive hunting opportunity is one of the major reasons many wildlife populations are in serious decline. Dramatically reducing seasons is the only tactic that can give instant relief to declining wildlife populations.

The only solution to neutralize the major political footprint that demands more when taking less is the only hope of sustaining a healthy wildlife resource is a provincial roundtable of all stakeholders that embraces the hallmark of good government- transparency and accountability. And yes First Nations Leadership is imperative!

Barry Brandow Sr., Grand Forks

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