Letter: Most important political decision of our time

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September 28th, 2016

To The Editor:

The Canadian public is faced with the most important political decision of our time. The Federal Government is know deciding on whether our not to change our voting system and is inviting public input on this decision.

Our ability to vote and be fairly represented is at the core of our democratic rights. The current system we are using ( first past the post ) gives us distorted election results where some votes are over represented, some
are under represented and some are not represented at all. This serves to encourage division and entrenched power in our Government.

The problems that face the future of our Country ( and the role our Country plays in international affairs ) are difficult and complex. In order to make the best decisions all viewpoints need to be included.

To facilitate this a voting  system must be in place that accurately represents the voting public’s views.

Please join me in urging the Government to adopt a system that is fair and proportional, where all votes are represented equally. This is a chance to correct many of the problems we experience with our Government and set straight the path for the future of our Country.

We cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Please submit your support of fair voting to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform. Email  erre@parl.gc.ca  and / or contact your local MP.

Dave Carter, Castlegar, BC

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