MP Hands Out Summer Reading Club Awards

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
August 25th, 2016

MP Richard Cannings made time in his schedule to help the Rossland Public Library  honour members of the Summer Reading Club for their feats of literacy.  Our MP handed out  awards to those who had read enough over the summer to earn them. 

Cannings himself is not only a reader but also an author of books — four of them were on display at the awards table.  His books include:  “British Columbia, A Natural History”; “An Enchantment of Birds”; “The Rockies, A Natural History”; “Roadside Nature Tours Through the Okanagan”; and he has co-authored a number of other volumes.  He admitted that he is too busy with reading for his job as an MP now to read very many books. 

Reading is a skill that engages more of the brain than merely seeing images on a screen and hearing the sounds associated with those images; when we read, our brains imagine the visuals — the mental pictures — to match what we’re reading about, exercising much more of our creative mental powers than, for instance, watching a movie.

Library director Beverley Rintoul had issued a challenge to Rossland City Council members to join the Summer Reading Club, and Mayor Kathy Moore took her up on it and duly showed up at the outdoor ceremony with annotated proof of her reading accomplishments to claim her award along with the line-up of younger  Club members.  

Those younger readers who received awards were:  Calla Hayden, Mica Hayden, Annika Heale, Adam Heale, Alex Heale, Chase Stoutenburg, Daphne Ramovs, Will Ramovs, Marshall Ramovs, Tasman Byers, Bailen Briggs, Maleeya Briggs, Theodore Farr, Ruby McIntyre, Tori McIntyre, Joel McIntyre and Aili Dergousoff.

Keep reading, all of you — literacy and reading will serve you well in the future, no matter what you choose to do in your lives.

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