What BlackJack Skiers Do in their Summer Vacation

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August 11th, 2016

BlackJack Skier Development Program

The Junior skiers had their first summer training camp in early July.  They joined with skiers from five clubs from Alberta and BC – Canmore, Calgary, Foothills, Kimberly and Comox – and completed an eight day training camp.  The first four days were dryland training in  Kaslo followed by four days of ski training at the Haig glacier in Alberta.

The camp was organized and led by the Black Jack coach Dave Wood and supported by the coaches and parents of all the clubs involved.  There were sixty-five people at the camps,  of whom fifty-five were athletes and the rest coaches and parents. 

In Kaslo the athletes trained on roller-skis, road bikes, and by running and hiking.  All training sessions were monitored by the coaches and parents.  Coach Wood was very happy with the performances of our athletes in all the different training modes. 

After leaving Kaslo the athletes drove to Canmore,  then hiked into the Haig glacier camp and spent the next three days skiing.  Although the snow conditions were not ideal due to an unusual weather pattern, the athletes all had very solid training at altitude and were able to work on technique and fitness. 

All in all the first training camp of the year was a great success, reports Wood.

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