La Cafamore: Classical Music From The Movies (And Other Internet Lies)

By Contributor
May 18th, 2016

Now in its eighth season of performances in the Kootenays, La Cafamore presents: Music from the Movies (and other internet lies).  The trio consisting of Angela Snyder (violin), Alexis More (viola) and Carolyn Cameron (piano) will plays works of Felix Mendelssohn, Dimitri Shostakovich and Joe Hisaishi.

When:  Thursday June 2, 7:30 p.m.

Where:  Trail United Church

            1300  Pine Ave,  Trail

Tickets:  Adults $15, Students/Seniors $12, Children under 12 free

Advance tickets: Bear Country Kitchen (Rossland) and at door

La Cafamore is in its 8th season of performing chamber works in the Kootenays.  The trio consisting of Angela Snyder (violin), Alexis More (viola) and Carolyn Cameron (piano) will perform classical music which has made it to the silver screen.  “We try to find a theme for each concert” says Cameron.  “something that ties the works together.  In this case it is the fact that each of these pieces has been featured in a movie soundtrack.”  Every piece?  “Not exactly”, says Cameron “which is why we had to add the caveat that the internet lies”. 

This particular  concert was put together thematically through an internet search of classical music for piano trio which has been featured in movie soundtracks.  The group figured that as part of the research,  they should actually watch the movies to make sure that they weren’t offensive to the classical music audience.  “That’s when we discovered that not only was one of the movies in question extremely bad, but it also did not contain the music in question.  That’s why I had to put the part about the internet lying” says Cameron “just to shatter people’s trust”.  While the music, Shostakovich’s piano trio #2, did not make up the movie’s soundtrack, it does make an uncredited appearance in the movie “Fiddler on the Roof”.  “You will have to come to the concert if you want to know which movie it was supposed to be in”  says Cameron.  The group will be giving the movie away as a door prize at one of their 5 concerts. 

            Will audiences get to hear some of movies’ more iconic theme songs?  Theme from “Star Wars” perhaps?  “You have to remember that even though we like to think of ourselves as cool, essentially, we’re classical musician dorks with a taste for the obscure.  So, no “Star Wars”.  I will say that our encore is extremely recognizable.  In fact, if you don’t recognize it, I would like to talk to you.  See me after the show”  says Cameron. 

The group will be playing in the communities of Trail, Invermere, Cranbrook, Crawford Bay and Nelson.

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