Speed Dating Rossland-Style: Skied Dating!

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February 2nd, 2016

Are you tired of riding in the singles line?  Skied Dating is the event for you!  On February 13, this Rossland-style speed dating event will take place at RED Mountain Resort.  Right before Valentine’s Day.

Participants will meet at the bottom of Red Chair at 1pm.  The ride up the chair is your “speed date” and then you ski back down and meet your next match at the bottom.  This allows the opportunity to have many “mini-dates” in one afternoon.  Each participant will be given a sheet where they can check yes or no to indicate interest in each of their dates.  If two people check yes for each other, it’s a match and the event coordinator will give them each other’s contact information. 

“This is a quirky, fun, no-pressure event,”  says Tara Kowalchuk, Skied Dating co-ordinator.  “It’s totally Rossland style and gives people an opportunity to meet other singles who love to ski or board.”  The event has taken place once before and was fairly successful;  there were a few people who met and ended up dating for a while.  “The great thing is that you are meeting people who you already have something in common with,” says Kowalchuk.  “It’s a good starting point and keeps the conversation from getting awkward because at least you can talk about the snow!”

We get participants from a range of different ages, so we break them down into age-categories to try to ensure better matches.  However, if you have ridden with everyone in your age group you are welcome to ride with participants from other groups.  We are asking people to pre-register if possible, as it makes setting up the categories much easier.  You can pre-register by contacting Tara at tara.kowalchuk@gmail.com, or by visiting Guest Services at RED Mountain Resort.  There is also day-of registration from 12:00pm-1pm in the RED Resort Conference Center, in the Base Lodge.  It costs $10 to participate, which includes a hot chocolate in the lodge. It does not include a lift pass though- you need your own.

“This sounds amazing!”  Kimberly Winand says of the event on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1565732787082302/permalink/1565732793748968/.  Come try Skied Dating at RED Mountain Resort on Feb. 13.  You’re guaranteed to have a good time and, who knows, you make meet a ski buddy for life.

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