Bobsled Race: Council's Pipe Dream turned into a Nightmare

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
February 1st, 2016

Conditions on the Spokane Street hill were pretty good this year  for the Sonny Samuelson Bobsled Race.  Rossland City Council’s new bobsled, “Council’s Pipe Dream,” with its team of councillors  whizzed across the finish line on its first run, but then things went sideways.  That is, their sled went sideways and crashed into the snow berm beside the run-out end of the track. 

Council members tumbled out onto the hard-packed snow, but no one was injured except the sled.  Its prow had featured a fearsome and toothy grimace in red and white on a black snout, but no more;  that smile got wiped right off its face.  In fact, the face got wiped right off, and a front runner was damaged.  No second run for “Council’s Pipe Dream.” 

Mayor Kathy Moore lamented “Council’s Pipe Dream has turned into a nightmare!”  

The design team will be back to the drawing board, aiming for a faster sled with better steering, and a better chance next year.     

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