BC Hydro predicts fourth driest year on record for Columbia River system

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
May 21st, 2015

BC Hydro is predicting that 2015 could be the fourth driest year on record, according to a press release issued by Dayle Hopp.

“Current data now predicts drier conditions in the overall Columbia system (U.S. and Canada combined) than forecasted in April 2015,” the release says. “Currently, we expect 2015 could be the fourth driest year on record, with the total runoff from the Columbia Basin between April and August 2015 now forecasted to be 72 per cent of normal.

“Under dry conditions, more water is released from Arrow Lakes Reservoir according to the terms of the Columbia River Treaty. 

“As of Friday, May 15, the current Arrow Lakes Reservoir water level is 431.2 metres (1,414.7 feet), a typical level for this time of year. BC Hydro currently forecasts Arrow Lakes Reservoir to continue filling and peak at a level between 434.3 metres (1,425 feet) to 437.4 (1,435 feet) in late June/early July.

“Please note that, like all system forecasts, this forecast is subject to change if there are significant changes in the projected weather patterns in the Columbia basin, snowpack and runoff patterns in the Columbia basin, BC Hydro’s electricity demand requirements, Columbia River Treaty provisions, or other variables.”

In related news, BC Hydro will be holding an open house at the Castlegar Complex on June 8 at 6 p.m. to provide information on their operations.

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